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India is an alluring country that is loaded with wonders and many more attractive sites that are worth of visiting at least once in a lifetime. Starting from the hill station till the sacred destinations and many more in the complete region are to be explored. The whole region amazes traveler irrespective of age, sex and taste as there are innumerable attractions that grab the interest of every enthusiast traveler.

Dharmashala is one admirable hill station in the most alluring state Himachal Pradesh. This region is located in the foot of the silvery snowy hills Himalayas and is a religious city for people who follow Buddhism. The mystic region is a fine blend of Himachal, British and Tibetan culture which is completely seen in the each and every part of the region. Not just in the constructions and all other things, but the cuisine and every aspect reflect the north India culture. The charming beauty of the nature mesmerizes people and one can see numerous spectacular sites around the region. People who love to enjoy the nature beauty need to explore the beauty of the exotic region and turn the vacation in to a memorable experience. The whole region is filled with wonders which include natural attractions as well as museums, religious sites like temples, monasteries and many more.

A few attractions

The fabulous destination is not just with a pleasing ambience, but is even the home of the Dalai Lama. Visit the place to explore the most fascinating Buddhist culture and one can even see the monasteries and many more that are loaded around the region. The enchanting nature beauty of Dharmashala along with the Dalai Lama Temple Complex is a one must visit destination of the region. The Dalai Lama is a great personality who is a monk of the Tibetan Buddhism. The place owes its own charm and the Dalai Lama Temple complex is a peaceful one where one can see the meditating and chanting monks. Along with this a few spiritual sites are worth of visiting in the region. The lovely environment along with the spiritual essence of the complex makes one gain an unusual experience. The fabulous destination with the touch of the holiness becomes the most appealing destination that is apt for meditation and there are several meditating halls.

Visit the War Memorial a fine monument along with the St. John’s Church, Kunal Pathiri, Gu Chu Sum Movement Gallery, McLeod Ganj and a few more male the lovely place much more popular. The Kangra Art Museum is a one must visit place in the location and one need to see the marvelous collection at the museum. Along with the wonderful in the valley of Kangra the visitors can enjoy buying paintings, handmade goods, clothing, pottery and many more from the Kotwali Bazaar. Dal Lake, Kangra Fort and Jwalamukhi Devi Temple and a few more are one must see locations of the region. Spend a holiday in India, which is a special place that is even known for the ultimate beauty along with the holiness.

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