Culture & Tradition of Delhi

With a fascinating blend of past and present, Delhi stands out to be a sprawling metropolis. It is embellished with Yamuna at the corners and Aravalli hills across the west. Upholding the stature of national capital, Delhi also holds major political as well as legislative importance. From Parliament house to magnificent Rajpath, to India Gate and many more, Delhi elegentally dons Victorian style architecture.

It is the Capital of India and stands apart as one of the top attractions on the planet. Much the same as Agra touring it additionally famous for its rich history, culture and engineering, the City draws in numerous guests both nearby and remote every year. Incredible rulers privately known as Maharajahs once administered the area from this city which still stays a power to figure with even today. Mentionable names incorporate the Mughals, Khiljis and Tughlaqs.

Also under its hat there is a deep rooted history of numerous kings and their kingdoms. Beautiful and illustrious monuments are a sight to go for and various other splendid places and landmarks. The city definitely casts a spell to its visitors as it’s enriched with colorful culture, human diversity and architecture.

A chaotic life surrounds here with horns of vehicles, DTC blueline buses, takeoff sounds of flights, hustles of corporate and government sectors, various religions and dreams of all. But, besides all the chaos Delhi holds to itself the much known tag – ‘Delhi Dilwalon ka Sheher’. The warmth of multilingual culture and immense diversity is something you will love about the capital with everything you can think of, available here.

Invaluable History and Historical Monuments

Known to be the wealthiest city named as Indraprastha in the Mahabharta, Delhi has been serving as the nation capital since 1911. Many stories of various dynasties like Tughlaq’s, Humayunna and many govern Delhi’s history. Once you are here and visit places, you will get to know about the enriching history that backs the nation capital.

Accentuating the majesty and grandeur of the capital there are a myriad of historical monuments that you would love to see once here. Epitomes of genius architecture are the monuments that behold the titles of finest examples of Mughal Empire.

Red Fort made of red bricks is one from the mughal period that is a center for various vital political and cultural activities. Another under the similar empire is Qutab Minar which is one of the tallest monuments to be seen in the capital. Some other historical monuments that makes Delhi rich of history include India Gate, Purana Quila, Jama Masjid that is an epitome of Persian art, the modern Lotus Temple, Iskcon Temple, Chattarpur Temple, Fatehpuri Masjid, Kalkaji Madir and many more.

Tibetian monasteries are one of the most beautiful sights that serve as an epicenter of Tibetian culture in Delhi. The list is as long as you would love to see. So the best catch is to visit and treat your eyes with the splendid history that the national capital has with itself.

Religion and Enriched Culture of Delhi

The religion and culture of Delhi is an amalgam of old traditional values and strong forces of modernization. Visiting old Delhi you can experience the nuances of old world where people up hold the old traditions. On the contrary, New Delhi is an exemplary example of modern lifestyle completely defining the cosmopolitan capital.

Delhi is painted with multi colors of religion and cultural diversity. Sharing the borders with Punjab, Haryana, Rajsthan and Uttar Pradesh, there is a multi-lingual culture and religion that the national capital captivates. On one hand there are Chants of Gurbani, Qawwalis of shrines, to prayers of church to the aarti’s in temple. On the other hand blaring sound and loud music at discotheques and clubs are yet other attractions. So one can experience a vivacious culture and religion here.

Fusion of old and new with amalgamation of north and south and other cultures like Tibetian etc makes the national capital fully enriched with cultural and religion values.

People and Language in Delhi

Patrons or people from all walks of life can be seen in Delhi. As there is a plethora of religions and cultures here, so are the folks. Moreover you will find one of the most hostile people here in the national capital. They are helpful and cheerful also. The most interesting fact is that as you move from one place to another you will meet people who are different from one another. It’s an all together amazing experience to get to know a wide variety of people while at one stop.

When it comes to languages being spoken in Delhi, then again there are multiple ones that are spoken here. This is attributed to the very fact that it’s a city of multi lingual people from all walks of life. Hindi is the most commonly used language here as it is understood and spoken by many. The dialect of hind can be heard the most once you are here so if you know hindi, you won’t experience any hassles to communicate here.

This is because there is a large number of Muslim populations residing in Delhi. This makes Urdu another very common language in the national capital. Apart from this, for various business and commercial purposes people from the neighboring state of Punjab are also settled here. This is how Punjabi is the next common language that is mostly heard here. Haryana is another state that borders Delhi thereby Haryanvi is another common language that can be heard here easily. These are some of the most common ones you will hear here.

Besides Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Konkani, Assamese, Oriya, Nepali, Marathi, Sindhi and others are also scattered all over the capital. So in a nutshell it will be right to say that a multi linguistic culture is what you can see here with not just one but ample of languages spoken by patrons from various places settled here.

Fairs and Festivals in Delhi

As there are a myriad of cultures and religions here in Delhi, so there is a wide variety of festivals and fairs that are celebrated here in Delhi. With high spirits, zeal and vigor, people from different walks of life celebrate all the festivals with warmth and love here.

1. Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights is the most common festivals celebrated here. The whole capital is decorated as a newlywed bride. On the other hand Eid is yet another popular festivals that is celebrated here. Special prayers and cuisines are made according to the customs.

2. Holi

Holi the festival of colors is one of the most popular festivals. It is one such festival wherein regardless of from what culture or religion you are, people apply colors to each other bringing the warmth of the festival alive. Lohri is yet another one where bonfire with bhangra and gidda makes you go all crazy. This is mostly celebrated by Punjabis as the main festival as they mark it as an year beginning.

3. Guru Nanak Jayanti

GuruNanak Jayanti is another grand affair which is the festival of birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of Sikh religion. It is similar to Diwali in Hindus as the celebration and decoration speaks for itself. Houses and Gurudwaras are illuminated with lights all over.

4. Navratri & Dushhera

Navratri and Dushhera is also one lovely affair that is celebrated at capital. Dressed in traditional wears and dancing to tunes of garba navratri is celebrated nine days as a grand festival here. Similarly Dushhera is the festival of good over evil wherein the effigies of Ravana are burnt after the completion of Navratras.

5. Durga Puja

Durga Puja by Bengalis is celebrated with exuberance. The commencement of Durga Puja is done from the sixth day of Navratri . Beautiful durga idols can be seen in various pandals set up across the capital. Tasty food and amazing festivities are enjoyed during these three to four days. And on the last day of Vijay Dashmi the goddesses’idol is immersed in the holy river.

Apart from this the patriotic festivals are also celebrated in a grand way here at Delhi. Republic Day and Independence Day are the finest examples of the same. The jhankis, the parardes, air missiles are a sight to see during these patriotic festivals here at Delhi.

Besides all this, there are fairs organized at Delhi at different places from time to time. Art works, craft works or book fairs are some of the popular ones that are organized here. Automobiles, home based and many other also a sight here. Depending on the time of your visit you can drop in any of them being held at that particular time.

Major Tourist Attractions of Delhi

Delhi is a traveler’s paradise for sure as you can find one and all sorts of places for sightseeing attractions in Delhi . By now you must have got hold of various regarding arts, crafts and many others. But the major one’s that you must visit are here for you to lookout.

1. Chattarpur Temple

The Chattpur temple is one of the most magnificent attractions here at Delhi. The long statue of Lord Hanuman catches the eye of visitors and gets you in. You can offer prayers here and seek blessing while starting amazing Delhi tour. Located at South Delhi, the nearest metro station to reach out here is Chattarpur yellow line. Then close to it comes the great marvel Qutab Minar that is a humongous building at least 73 m long. Qutab Minar yellow line is the nearest metro station that you can take in while being here.

2. Lotus Temple

Another is the white lotus shaped temple where you can drop in for some solitude. You can worship in silence here while enjoying the beauty of temple. Kalkaji Mandir, Violet line is the nearest metro station that you can get into to reach here. Further, closest to it is the National Zoological Park with ample of greenery and animal varieties. So if you are a lover of nature and wildlife this is a must place to visit while you are in Delhi.

3. India Gate

Now the most popular one i.e. the India Gate where the fire baton burns for remembrance of our soldiers and martyrs is yet another site to stop for. You can sit around the wide space and park around the gate while enjoying yourself here. To reach out Central Secretariat yellow line is the nearest metro station. If you wish to pay tributes to the father of nation then don’t forget to get to the Rajghat. The fire baton lightning here embarks the presence of Mahatma . Chandni Chowk, yellow line is the nearest metro station to arrive here.

4. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is another destination that you would love to stop for. Reaching from the Chawri bazaar metro station, it’s famous for the structural size and the biryani offered. So while paying your obeisance you get to enjoy the tasty biryani also. Very close to the Masjid is the supreme Red Fort that is walking distance from the Masjid. So do drop in here for the feel of patriotism. Apart from this Swami Narayan Akshardham temple and Lakshmi Narayan temples are also some of the best religious places to visit. Mirrored rooms and gardens are some of the best places to be in here at these temples. You can reach out here by the JLN Stadium yellow line and experience the best of the Mughal architectures. Besides that, if you are shopaholic then there’s enough stored for you. Go for Sarojini Nagar market, Connaught place and many other. The list is as long as it could be so the best way is to come and start exploring one by one.

If you have your own vehicles that’s good enough. But even if you don’t then go for metros or cabs. Or else the Delhi tourism runs various buses for tour purposes also. The Hop on-Hop off buses is also one of the best attractions that you can think of while touring Delhi.

Good Food, Good Life- The culinary delight of Delhi

If you are food lover then Delhi is nothing less than a paradise for you. With the choicest of Indian and international cuisines, Delhi offers everything from the street food to posh restaurants serving exquisite delicacies. Whatsoever your budget might be, you can easily serve your taste buds here at the national capital. Though there is a spectrum of cuisines that are available here at Delhi. Here are narrowed down some of the most famous ones that will surely lure your taste buds.

First and foremost are the yummy paranthas that is most likely to be had in the morning. From plain to stuffed you can get all of it here. Some of the most amazing stuffing’s include radish, potatoes, keema, bananas and many more. Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, Moolchand Paranthe Wala are some of the best places to taste paranthas here.

From the street foods, chaat is one of the landmark foods that is loved by many. The mix of bhalls, chutney and papri is one to die for. Some of the best places to try chaat in Delhi are Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Shahjahan road etc.

If you are a non-vegetarian then for the sumptuous butter chicken don’t forget to visit the Moti Mahal restaurant at Daryaganj. Tossed with tomato and chicken juices, the butter chicken will let you go crazy headed for sure. To try some kebabs both veg and non-veg, visit Khan market, Ghalib kabab corner which are some of the famous kebab destinations here in Delhi.

Further, for all you Punjabis there, the lip smacking Chole Bhature is another one staple dishes here at Delhi. Usually accompanied with Lassi, this dish is definitely one of the famous in Delhi. Sitaram Diwan chand and Chahce di hatti are some of the best places to try the tasty Chole Bhature while in Delhi.

The poultry meat based biryani is yet another popular form of cuisines from the Mughal era that is available here in Delhi. Served in an earthen pot, the hot biryani can be tasted at Dum Pukht in ITC Maurya, RK Puram, Defence Colony and various other places.

Another one of its kind is Nihari that is spicy broth of cooked meat. Preferably eaten with tandoori rotis, this one is a tasty delight too. One of the best places to have it is definitely near the Jama Masjid where you will find finest of the Nihari being served on the platter.

Besides this, rolls and momos are yet another attractions of delicious cuisine in Delhi. You will find multiple street vendors also serving them or else if you go to a Chinese restaurant the momos served with chilly chutneys are a delight for sure.

After all the spicy chunks you would definitely love to have a sweet tooth. Well, Delhi has enough stored in for that also. There are piping hot jalebis, lip smacking falooda to kulfis, to custards, cakes and what not to give you a top notch desert after the main course. Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfiwala, Chandni Chowk; Big Chill Cafe, Khan Market; Ghantewala Halwai, Chandni Chowk are few such places where deserts are served at its best at Delhi.