Delhi Tourism


Delhi, better known as the Rajdhani i.e. the capital of the India is a blend of traditional culture along with the today’s world. Fortunately, Delhi is situated at a point from where all the tourist places are close. All the tourist places are accessible from the very city i.e. Delhi. Whenever any tourist group arrives from outside, they prefer visiting Delhi first, the gateway to the Indian culture and the Mughal architecture. Ruled by the Mughals, Delhi has most of the tourist places as the monuments constructed by the Mughals or the rulers who came later on.

The reign of the British people also left some impressions on the layout of the Delhi. Delhi has a perfect blend of the ancient culture and modernization which should be visited. Tour packages organised by has everything which could be asked for.

Anybody after reaching the hotel would love to start his tour by visiting the Old Delhi first. Old Delhi is the Delhi of the Mughals, the forts, monuments, temples and the markets gives an impression of the Mughal culture which was present in the 17th century. Sightseeing tour of the Old Delhi would leave you with memorable experience as there are lots of places to be visited.

Jama Masjid, built by the Shah Jehan is an architectural work embedded with the Persian touch. 

Red Fort is known for national importance and considered as the most famous monument of India.

Birla Temple is another monument which must be visited if you are in Delhi.

India Gate, the giant made to pay tribute the martyrs of India. It must be visited as it is seen as the pride of India. Some of the places to be visited on the way are Old Fort, Tughlaqabad Fort and the Dolls Museums. Dolls Museums has many arts and crafts blended with sophistication sets an example which must be admired.

Places to be visited are not yet over as the Qutab Minar made by the ruler Qutab-Ud-Din-Aibak would surely take your breath away. Qutab Minar is marked as the tallest minaret of the Asia.

Other places of interest are the Jantar Mantar, Crafts Museum and the Akshardham Temple. Situated on the banks of the River Yamuna and built recently, Akshardham Temple showcases the beauty of the Temple architecture along with the ingredients of the modern royal touch. As soon as you reach these places of interest, do schedule your time uniformly and accordingly as all of them have some importance and visiting each place would surely improve your travel experience.


Being the capital of India, Delhi has been crowded by the most beautiful buildings of national importance. Interestingly, most of the national buildings were made by the British people during their reign and thus houses the sophisticated architectural work in those buildings. As soon as you look through the India Gate, you’d be thrilled to see the excellent looking and admirable Rashtrapati Bhawan. The other one which must be visited is the Parliament House as India has one of the biggest democracies in the world.

Looking on the roads of the Delhi, you’d feel the best as it is connected to the national highways and would connect to the most famous tourist places in a short span of time. Delhi has always been famous for the food and a sophisticated taste.

Being located in the northern part of India, food has a rich spicy taste loved by most of the people. For the lovers of the continental and Italian, Delhi won’t upset the tourists as it has many luxurious hotels and restaurants located in the parts of the New Delhi which are famous for tasty and excellent Continental, Italian and Chinese food.

The Parathas of the Chandni Chowk are the pride of the Delhi and they should be also included in one of the meals as it would leave you with the taste of the real Delhi.

Being one of the international airports of India, Delhi connects to almost all of the desirable tourists by air. Driving through the road won’t take much from the tourists as the roads and highways have been well maintained by the Government of India. Delhi is the place to start with most of the tours scheduled by and would surely leave with good impression on the tourists.

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