Raj Ghat Delhi

Facts About Raj Ghat

  • Open : 10: 00 a.m. – 05: 00 p.m. – Tuesday – Sunday

  • Closed : Every 2nd Saturday of the month

  • Nearest Metro Station : Pragati Maidan

  • Entrance Fees : Free

  • Camera Fee : Nil

  • Photography : Camera allowed but videography is strictly prohibited

  • Ho Ho Bus Tour : Included

  • Travellers Advice : Maintain silence while you visit this place. Dress up little conservatively with full body covered. Jeans and tops are permitted but short skirts are a big no. It is insisted that one maintains dignity while visiting the place of Father of Nation. Fowl language and loud voices are not welcome in this place.

Get More Details About Raj Ghat

Rajghat is the place where the Father of India – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lies. He is the man behind the freedom of India, the man who won the world half clad in Dhoti and half naked! He is the man who turned the midnight into a new day and gave the world a new Nation called “INDIA”! He is the man who told the world that we can have victory without large battlefields and arms! He is the man who told that even silence speaks!

Rajghat or Gandhi Smriti is the place where Gandhiji shot by Nathuram Godse – a Hindu Zealot in the year 1948, 30th January, soon after a inter-communal violence. It is the same place where last rites were performed. One can see a black memorial stone with his last words “Hey Ram” inscribed on it. To reach the Smriti, one has to walk over some concrete steps. Every Friday, the day of the week when he died, a prayer is held at Rajghat. On every 26th January President of India as well as Prime-minister of India, pay their homage to the man who made the dreams of millions come true!

There is also a Gandhi Memorial Museum where his ideology, life and philosophy is projected in a film every day. Timings are 9:30 a.m. – 5: 30 p.m. except on Thursday. On Sunday the film is featured in Hindi language at 4:00 p.m. and at 5: 00 p.m. in English language. There are also trees which are labelled with the names of dignitaries who planted them. The names include names like Queen Elizabeth II, Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitman and so on.

Just near the Smiriti is the place where Gandhiji spent his last 144 days. The small house contains photographs, scenes from Gandhiji’s life, abstract sculptures, video displays, sound installations and paintings. There are also the preserved belongings of Gandhiji like his walking stick, spectacles, spinning wheel and a pair of wooden sandals. Located between the main Ring Road and banks of Yamuna river; it is one of the must visit destinations of Delhi – the Capital of India.

One can also visit the birth place of Gandhi ji in Gujarat where the house in which he was born is still maintained!