The Simple but Must-Know-It Tips of Trekking Preparations

Trekking is amazing, adventurous and total fun, something most of us want to undertaken once a while. It is break from the routine, and exploring the wildness and the nature just add the fascination. While going to a trek sounds fascinating and exciting, it is not easy to plan and prepare for one. Some tips are given below:-

#Choose the trekking place wisely

There are treks which usually stretches up to weeks and also trek which are for couple of days. Before planning make sure you are choosing the location and the trek course period wisely keeping in mind you stamina and health, because from the beginning till the end, it is only you who needs to look after yourself during the entire time and any health issue might not have the necessary attention at an isolated mountain or trekking location.

#Make your pick of gear and clothes

When it comes to trekking the most important thing is picking up the right gear. Make a list of all those that you would need for your trek and plan accordingly. Here also you have to careful while picking up the equipments because it’s you who will have to carry most of it, so ensure that it doesn’t end up being heavy. Try to stick to the necessary essentials keeping it to minimum. Ropes, flashlights, extra batteries, charger and many such small basic things must be in the list for a better and safer trekking. Avoid taking unwanted things to the trek. Pick up comfortable trekking shoes and pick clothes depending upon the weather and the atmosphere of the place.

#The backpacks and sleeping bags

Don’t opt for a fancy backpack, instead go to sport store and pick a backpack suiting your height, weight and the trek period. A big backpack for a short trek and a small backpack for a long trek might create problem for you only. While the tents are mainly provided by the group organizing the events, it is very rare that you have to buy your own tent. So, inquire about it before hand only. After a long day of trek, the thing that will come to your rescue is your sleeping bag. So, pick a comfortable one along with small pillow if needed.  Make sure the material of everything you are buying is weather resistant and can withstand the harsh weather conditions be it in a hot season or cold season.

#Food items and water

Snacks or food that you’re planning to bring on the trip must be packed very carefully and tightly in proper boxes. Make sure that you are packing health food for the trips. Also, it is advisable to take along some raw food items, so that you can cook them there. Apart from that keep eatables like chocolate bars and dry fruits at hand. Now, when it comes to water, ensure that you have enough water for the trip and wouldn’t need to fill or drink from just any place there.

#Being physical strong and first-aid kit

Be it short trek or long trek, start exercising at least two weeks before it. It is not easy to be part of an adventurous trip if you are not fit to undertake the trip completely. Make a routine and start following it regularly. During the trek make sure you have a map, communication gadget and complete first-aid kit along with any prescribed medication of yours.

So, these are few tips that you need to follow before embarking on your adventurous trek.


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