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What to expect in leh ladakh during each season?

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Though Leh Ladakh is a cold desert styled environment, it is a unique place during each season. This guide would teach you about what to expect in this place during each season and which is the best season for visiting.

 Winter season

The winter season starts from the end of November and ends by the end of February. November would not be very cold. From December, the temperature very rarely goes above the melting point. The maximum temperature would be 2 to 5 degree C. Nights can go as low as -20 degree C. Trekking routes would be close, rivers and lakes would be covered by thick snow sheet and most of the shops would be closed. This is the time where you can find a few extreme motorcycle enthusiasts in the city to try some extreme motor mountain passes. Winter also marks many important festivals like Galdan Namchot festival, Losar festival, Yargon Tungshak festival, Matho Nagrang festival and many others.

Mild summer season

March and April would be similar to winter season, but it would be a bit warmer and comfortable. This is the time when people go for wildlife safari to find snow leopard and other snow based animals. Most of the mountain passes would be open but the trekking tracks would be closed.

Summer season

May to middle of August is the summer season. The temperature can go as low as 10 degree C and as high as 21 degree C. Wildlife attractions, trekking, river rafting and many other activities would be at its boom during this season. This is the peak time for  Leh Ladakh trekking tours and it is better to book all services in prior to your journey. The top festival during this season is Hemis festival that is celebrated in the monastery inside Hemis National Park. It is a very colourful festival. People usually visit the park during this season to watch this festival along with other wildlife attractions. Other festivals in this season are Yuru Kabyat, Saka Dawa and many other important cultural festival.

Mid winter season

September to November is the time for Leh Ladakh tours. All motor passes would be open and trekking routes would be aesthetically pleasing. The climate would be warmer and days would be longer making it easier for tourists to enjoy a lot of attractions. Wildlife safaris are common during this season. November marks the end of passes and trekking trails. Thus, it would be very crowded during this time. September is the peak month for river rafting. There are no important festivals or events that occur during this season.

Leh Ladakh during Viajes a la india is a different place during different season. Thus, before you start your vacation learn about the temperature of the place and pack accordingly. Frost bites are possible during winter and tanning is possible during summer. Thus, you should be prepared for the right season. Last but not least, pre-book all services to avoid any problem during your stay.

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