Enjoying Khajuraho Tour in Each Season

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Khajuraho tour usually includes trip to the Hindu and Jain temples which are one of the UNESCO approved heritage sites. This is one of the very few temples where you can find erotic sculptures. It was built in 9th century and is considered to be one of the top attractions for those who love culture, history and also for honeymooners. Usually Khajuraho tour is combined with tour to Taj Mahal and other attractions. This is located about 175 km away from Jhansi. These temples are located in Madhya Pradesh.

Summer season

The summer temperature can go as high as 47 degree C. Unless you are used to very high temperature, this is not the right season for vacationing. It would be very hot, humid and you would be more likely to get dehydrated. If you are visiting in summer, make sure to wear light cloth and carry a lot of water. Summer starts in March and ends by June. The beginning of March is the right time for city tours in Khajuraho. Backpackers and non-family vacationers visit this place a lot during summer season. You can also get a lot of deals and discounts during this season.

Monsoon season

The summer ends by May and rain starts from June. The rainfall continues till August. The place receives a lot of rainfall and it becomes more beautiful. Since the place has a lot of sightseeing spots, those who does not like rain or do not want to get drenched should avoid this season. This is the right time for nature related sightseeing. The place becomes too lush and attracts a lot of nature lovers.

Winter season

If you are planning for honeymoon or other styles of vacations, winter is the most romantic time here. This is because of two reasons. The first reason is that the temperature would drop to 4 degrees C or even low on a winter night. The second reason is the cultural events that start in the end of this season. The Khajuraho dance festival is the most colourful festival that you can find in this region. A lot of international tourists and honeymooners visit this place just for the sake of this festival. There would be a lot of art galleries, craft related workshops and live performance during the end of the winter. Many performances happen weeklong.

This is the temple city of the country. There would be a lot of light and sound events that happen in the temples. The temples of Khajuraho are the top attraction. You would be standing in awe when you watch what men could build in 9th century. There are a lot of wildlife related attractions near Khajuraho too. If you are accompanying your children, the wildlife attractions are must visit. The peak tourist season is the monsoon and you can find a lot of tourists during the end of winter season. But, the place remains at its prime beauty all throughout the year.

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