Khajuraho Tours

Khajuraho is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is full of passion, dance, eroticism, music and much other refinement of imaginative arts which are depicted in the sculptures and images in the temples. The group of monuments in khajuraho is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Khajuraho, also called the temple city, is famous around the world for its gracefully carved temples. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit here to envision this enduring saga of Hindu culture which is carved in stone by the stone craftsmen about a millennium ago. This place is a small village, which is around a thousand years ago. It used to be the huge city of the Chandelas, the medieval Rajput rulers that ruled over the Central India. Khajuraho is 595 km from Delhi and you can reach here easily by air, road or rail. Here at visittnt, we have listed a few prominent and popular places to see for our esteemed foreign guests while they are visiting khajuraho.

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Why Visit Khajuraho

The Erotic Sculptures

Whoever visits Khajuraho, will be fascinated by the flamboyant erotic sculptures on the walls of the temples here. These sculptures are known as the mithunas which means couple in the various erotic poses. A lot have been interpreted about these sculptures over a period of time, of their existence and a lot of people have also criticized them badly. These erotic sculptures and figures are also symbolized by many as representing tantric rituals, while some other see these sculptures as purifying  for the people who throng here to worship God.

The mere presences of these erotic sculptures illustrate that during those times, there were no taboos against sex as we have in present times. The people of those times took a vigorous view of things and also gave sex its due place in its life. This is the reason why these sculptures were not regarded as anything bad, abnormal or unnatural and were made so beautifully on the walls of these temples around khajuraho.

Khajuraho Excursion

The major tourist attractions in khajuraho are Panna National Park, Raneh Falls, Ken nature trail, ken crocodile sanctuary, Binsar Lake, Ranguan Lake, Gangau Dam, Pandav falls, Majhganwa Diamond Mines, Dhubela Museum, Ajaygarh fort, Khalinjar fort and Orcha.

Eastern Group of Temples

As Khajuraho has a large number of temples, they have been divided into three parts so that it is easy for the foreign tourists to identify and see them. Here we are talking about the Eastern group of temples. The first one is the majestic parsavnath temple. This is one of the largest temples of the eastern group and is exquisite in its architectural details, specially the sculptures on the outer walls on the northern side. A throne in the centre faces the emblem of bull of the first tirthankar named Adinath

Then there is another amazingly designed ghantai temple. Also a part of this group is the adinath temple,.which is dedicated to the Jain tirthankar Adinath. This temple is generously embellished and decorated with sculpted figures on its outer walls. There are also the carvings of apsaras in varied sensual poses and attitudes. You can also see hanuman temple and the brahma temple.

Western Group of Temples

Kandariya mahadeo.temple is the largest and the most archetypal Khajuraho temple and is 31 m high. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva.  The main temple is gracefully carved in delicate details of the sculptures of the gods, goddesses, maidens and the celestial lovers. The most remarkable and worth noticing is the entrance arch, the pillars and the interior compartments. Another notable temple is chaunsat yogini temple which is the only temple made of granite and is dedicated to Kali. Then there is also the chitragupta temple.which houses the three headed image of Lord Brahma. The entrance to this temple is truly impressive with lion sculptures on the north and the elephants on the southern stairs. Also the Nandi Bull is facing the temple. There are two more temples to visit in the western group named as lakshamana temple and the matangeshwara temple.

Southern Group of Temples

There are only two major Temples to see in the southern group which are dulah deo temple and the chattarbhuj temple.

Shopping In Khajuraho

Shopping is Khajuraho is a good experience if you are aware of where to buy and where to buy. The traditional handicrafts and handlooms which are made by the ace craftsmen here are the most famous. As textile weaving is a major skill here, you can pick up a variety of richly made saris and Indian wear on your shopping trip in Khajuraho. 

Small replicas of erotic sculptures carved from stone are the hot favorites for shopping. If you want to take some souvenirs back home, these are the best. 

The main shopping place is opposite to temple near the Ogle Market. You can also go to the Oswald Complex and the city center for more shopping here in Khajuraho. There are also the government emporiums as well as numerous private shops where you can find the usual variety of various crafts. 

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