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South India Tourist Destination

Welcome to the land of high culture and cool kitsch that is a placard of the lush, peninsular south. Nestling at the feet of the Vindhya Range, this linguistically sundry dominion chalks the bottomline of Indian tourism industry. With the sound of roaring waves on all sides, this is where you can savour a perfect beach comfort like nowhere else. Everything about sunny and tropical, resting underneath swaying palm trees that add an ambrosial colour to the landscape. South India is bold and beautiful - the ornately sculptured temples, the intense carries, emerald green backwaters as far as the eye can see. Come to Andhra Pradesh, where the pearls of Dravidian culture and heritage bloom in their full colours. And there is so much to do in the Nizam's capital..where the dreams of ancient splendour and vestiges of proud history converge to form an army called Karnataka, that marches to the rhythm of a silicon drum, comforted by the breath of wilderness pulsating with the diversity of life.

Most Popular South India States

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Tour

The Land of Unknown Treasures
There are only few other states that are more culturally rich and historically important states than Andhra Pradesh. 
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A Truly Enchanting Hub of Holiday Often praised as a multi-dimensional tourist product, Tamil Nadu is blessed with all those attractions that can allure every traveller.
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Pondicherry Desination South India

Famous Tourist Destination

French By Looks, Indian by Heart
Since time immemorial, India has embraced the world and shared her heart to all..
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Kerala Most Famous Destination

Queen of Arabian Sea

Kerala - Called God's Own Country Kerala is situated on the south-west end of India and it enjoys distinctive geographical features which makes it the most sought-after
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