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Things To Do in India

The Indian subcontinent is a potpourri of history, art, religion, culture, customs and traditions. Tourists to India are enchanted and exhilarated by its distinct beauty, charm and ethnicity. It is the only place in the world where in a relatively short span of time you can indulge in a wildlife safari, relax idly cruising in the backwaters, gaze relentlessly at the Taj Mahal, have a close encounter with the culture and history of this subcontinent and still spare a few moments to laze around on a beach destination. So, hail India!

A walk in the wilderness. - Have you ever tried to spot a tiger in its natural form in a sanctuary or seen a Bulbul feeding its young ones, an elephant playing incessantly with the waters of the lake with its comrades or a Rhino snarling quietly amidst the tall grass? If you haven’t then you must visit this part of the country rich in varied species of flora and fauna.

Embark on a jungle safari or an Elephant safari to witness the wild beauty in its natural splendor and glory. Whether it is the rare hard ground Barasingha or the ferocious tigers, the Safari tour of Kanha National Park, one of the most famous tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh will be full of excitement and fun. Along with Kanha, Bandhavgarh National Park also promises to take one on a safari tour where you can easily spot a tiger during the day. Apart from this, if you are a wild life aficionado you must not miss travelling to Kaziranga national park, the land of the Rhinos or Periyar National park, the land of elephants.

Experience the Indian Rails

Travelling by trains in India will enable you to take a glimpse of the rich cultural and geographical diversity across various states. Indian Railways spread over an area of 63,000 Kms and 6,909 stations is the fourth largest in the world. What better way to explore the renowned places of India than to travel in luxurious trains amidst much enthusiasm and thrill!

The Palace-on-wheels has been rated as one of the ten best luxurious rail journeys in the world. Other than this, there are two other luxury trains viz; the Royal Rajasthan on wheels and the Golden Chariot with state-of-the-art amenities thus offering an elating experience to its passengers. While the former offers you an opportunity to emulate the royalty of erstwhile kings of the north, the latter is a splendid choice that encompasses a journey to the South Indian states in luxury.

Glimpses of the Royal Heritage

India has an ancient history dating back to 5,000 years old where 3678 monuments have been protected by Archeological Survey of India. Of these, 29 of them have been declared as World Heritage Sites.

The Taj Mahal to begin with is one of the most extravagant pieces of art and symbolizes eternal love of a king for his beloved queen. About 20,000 artisans labored hard for a span of 22 years to build this splendid monument.

The next inexplicable group of monuments to illustrate is in Khajuraho. The magnificent edifices in Khajuraho built during A.D. 950-1050 uphold the artistic splendor of India as its 22 staggering shrines make Khajuraho a popular city of India. These shrines are decorated with sensuous images.

Peregrinate around Ajanta and Ellora caves which resonate with the stories of Buddha depicted in the paintings.

Agra fort is yet another fathomless piece of Mughal architecture which depicts strength, valor and magnanimity in its full glory.

Explore the enchanting places of New Delhi by visiting Humayun’s tomb, the first garden tomb in India which was designed according to Persian style of architecture. Visit the magnificent Qutab Minar, a 73 m-high tower of victory.

Answer to the Call of Gods

India, known as the land of religions astonishes any visitor because of its rich religious diversity. From Amarnath in the North to the Temple tours in the South, this pilgrimage tour showcases a wide range of religious practices and rituals performed by the holy people of the respective regions. Here, the River Ganges is worshipped as the mother and the devout people throng at the Ghats of Varanasi and Haridwar to bathe in the sacred waters of this holy river and wash their sins of the past.

Men and women are found holding their palms together in obeisance at the footsteps of the Golden temple in Amritsar. The famous old churches of Goa such as the St. Francis Church are visited by teeming millions of people irrespective of their caste or creed. Thus this holy land provides a host of pilgrimage opportunities to its inquisitive travelers.

The true essence of many religions has been formulated in the forms of pious monuments, temples and shrines which have enamored the global travelers since time immemorial.

Yoga for a Healthy living

The correct practice of Yoga provides a healthy development of body, mind and soul. Yoga can revitalize your inner being thus helping you to face any adverse situations with confidence and vigor. Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the World can help you understand the nitty gritty’s of Yoga right from scratch.

Listen from the horse’s mouth what the veterans have to say about effective practice of Yoga. Haridwar is yet another place where this ancient science is preached in full swing. And last but not the least, the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger helps one to imbibe a particular lifestyle pertaining to Yoga and meditation.

In The Vicinity Of the Beaches

India’s beaches are the most happening ones in the world. You can bask in the sun in solitude in Mandrem beach or Agonda beach in North Goa or have a blast at the party beaches in Baga beach also in Goa. Varkala beach in Kerala or Gokrana beach in Karnataka are yet another pristine beaches which will help you to immerse yourself in its bosom. Experience the call of nature amidst the scintillating waves of azure sea and get bewildered by its bewitching beauty.

The Healing Touch of Ayurveda

Unravel the healing power of Ayurveda, the world’s most ancient system of medicine which believes in natural cure of patients. The rejuvenation therapies of Ayurveda detoxifies the body and re-nutrifies it with essential minerals. The massage applied by the highly skilled masseurs help in toning the skin thus making it soft, smooth and silky.

Whether it means indulging in spa therapies in Somatheeram resort or Kairali Ayurvedic health resort in Kerala, the treatment provided to its tourists is worth the price you pay. Revive your mind, body and soul at any of the Ayurvedic centres in Kerala and get invigorated instantly.

In The Lap of Backwaters

The backwaters imply a concoction of lagoons, rivers, lakes and canals that traverse from the shores of Kerala from Cochin to Kollam. Take a glimpse at the verdant coconut and palm lined landscape, varied wildlife and vivid happenings of the village life that line the backwaters by embarking on a houseboat traditionally known as ‘Kettuvalam’ and get enamored by its virgin beauty.

Traditionally cooked South Indian cuisines and chilled beer served on board will definitely be an icing on the cake. Travel on a houseboat from Alleppey to any destination of your choice even on a shoestring budget and make the most of it. Or savor the beauty of Cochin by hiring a houseboat and getting a first- hand experience of city life prevalent at the surrounding regions of backwaters.

A Cultural Renaissance

India is a mélange of various ethnic cultures. The culture of India which is 5,000 years old encompasses diverse languages, varieties of Indian cuisines, innumerable religious practices and multitude of fairs and festivals. Each region has its own distinct language to be spoken. While Hindi and English are the predominant national languages prevalent in the country, there are about 22 official languages and 400 regional languages spoken in different parts of the country.

As far as food is concerned culinary practices varies from one region to the other. The magnanimous use of herbs and spices will definitely turn you into a food connoisseur. Wheat, rice and pulses form a staple diet of Indians. Different varieties of curries add flavor to their dietary regime. The curries are seasoned with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, dried hot peppers, turmeric etc. thus making your food delectable in taste and kind. Religious practices to talk about, is ingrained deep in the culture of all people. India being the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism is held in reverence by the people across the world.

About 84% of the people who are classified as Hindus perform idol worship in temples where as 13% of the people that are classified as Muslims offer their prayers in mosques. Christians, Sikhs and Jains make up for the rest and are relatively small in number. And last but not the least, fairs and festivals are celebrated in every corner of this subcontinent with great pomp and show. There are camel fair as in Pushkar, religious fair as the Kumbh Mela, seasonal fair like Surajkund Mela and a range of colourful festivals like Holi, Deepawali, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.

Fairs and Festivals form an important part of the itinerary of the tourists who make it a point to witness at least some of them during their travel. In a nutshell, unity in diversity is the age old adage used for Indian Culture. Distinct geographical divisions, religions, rulers and eras together fashion a brilliant cultural medley.

Come to India on an invigorating journey and witness the timeless beauty and enlivening spirit of this land which is both intoxicating and mesmerizing. Travel to a country whose bustling streets of the cities rub shoulders with the placid backwaters and cool breezes of the beach resorts. The magic of this subcontinent will truly win your hearts and would compel you to visit it again and again.