Tourist Attractions in Gujarat

Gujarat Tourism

Akshardham Temple:

Located in Gandhinagar, it is one of the most beautiful temples of Gujarat. It is a 1o story Hindu temple with an elaborate stone facade. The beauty is enhanced with water n fire laser show held at night from 6 p.m.


Gir National Park:

It is the national park which is synonymous with Asiatic lion which are in abundance here. With a total of 4oo lions, 3oo leopards, langur, porcupines, black naped hare, indian gazelle and many others, it is on the top list of wildlife sanctuaries gujarat has got.

Prag Mahal:

Its a beautiful 19th century palace located just next to Aina Mahal of Bhuj. Ages old architecture and stone work is at its best here.

Palitana Temples:

An epitome of Jainism, these stand on Shatrunjaya hill of the city of Palitana, Bhavnagar. Its a days visit to this place.

Watson Museum:

It is thought to be as the best out of the seven such museums Gujarat has got. Located in Rajkot, it is amazingly beautiful.

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