Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Gujarat Tourism

Winters falling between the months of October – February end are the months to be in Gujarat. Temperatures are really good during these months ranging between 25 degrees – 11 degrees. The good thing about Gujarat is that here not many warm clothes are required even in winters. Even slightly warm wollens cover most of the winters. The temperatures in winters are considered to be very relaxed in which one can enjoy the naturalness, greenery and exquisitness at length. Summers are not advised with local temperatures soring to 47 degress accompnied by hot winds and high levels of humidity. The afternoons are really harsh in summers with humidity at its highest with dryness making small inclusions. Summers fall between April – June. Rainy seasons are okay to be in if you like light and sometimes heavy rain walks. The temperatures during rainy season range between 21 degrees – 27 degrees which are optimal for tours. Rainy season falls between July – August. However, most tourists prefer winters as the best time to be in Gujarat.

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