North India Tourist Attractions

A love for colour, an eye for detail and a heart to enjoy are the only things required to savour the eternal aroma of the most geographically and linguistically varied part of Incredible India. Nestling on the lap of the mighty Himalayas and stretching its contours to the warm sands of the Thar Desert, north India is an anbrosial bouquet of surprises embellished with a variety of wild and exotic flowers. Nothing in this part is ever quite what you expect, and the only thing to expect is the unexpected, which comes in many forms.

Most Popular North India Attractions

Hill Stations

Hill stations of India are the major attractions for travelers coming from all over the world. The ever-soaring hillocks with lush green meadows offer more than imagined. This is where Indian hill stations score high when it comes to attract a wide variety of travelers from every nook and corner of the world.
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Forts And Palaces

India is immensely rich in every aspect. It is a land of kings and Maharajas. With unprecedented royalty to enjoy, its magnificent forts and palaces stamp on its status of royalty.
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Ganges River Rafting

If you love adventure more than anything else, Ganges River Rafting is the best option. It will not be an exaggeration to state that Ganges River Rafting is an adventure at its best.
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Well, hold your breath! As we go for Paragliding, we not only witness the vast natural beauty of India, we do so by viewing it holistically.
Relatively a new sport in India, paragliding is becoming an activity of repute. It is a boon to the travelers, especially who come on holiday near the city of Mumbai and Pune.
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Wildlife National Parks

Do you wish to fall in the lap of Nature? All you need to do is visit India.
With more than 80 national parks and 440 wildlife sanctuaries, India is one of the most suitable places, especially if you are a wildlife lover.
Without a tad of doubt, India offers rich wildlife experience, amidst rich flora and fauna.
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