Top Famous Hangout Places in Delhi

The city of Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the best tourists’ places in the entire country. Even if you are not a tourist and just want to hang around in the city during your free time from college or job, Delhi has numerous places where these people can spend their time. Read along to find some of the best hangout spots in Delhi.

1. Book Cafes – Haven For Bookworms

Book Cafes The City of Delhi has a lot of Book cafes for the bookworms here. These Book Cafes are the places where the people can just sit and relax and have some coffee while they read some of their favourite books.

Numerous such cafes are present in Delhi. Some fine examples of these Book Cafes in Delhi are Café Wanderlust, Another Fine Day Cafe, Music and Mountains – Hillside Café, Kunzum Travel Café, Café Turtle, May Day Café and Book Store, Ivy & Bean, The Reader’s Café, The Brew Room, Book Talk, Jugmug Thela, and many more.

These few cafes are only a few of all the Book Cafes which can be found in Delhi. These Book Cafes are also the best places to hang out in Delhi, people can hang out here with three very important elements – Books, Coffee and friends.

2. Moti Bagh

Located at South Delhi, Moti Bagh is one of the residential localities in Delhi that has a posh neighbourhood. Since the year 1960, this place has increased many parks here.

The locality is also divided into North Moti Bagh and South Moti Bagh. This is the residential area of the senior members of the railway board, the senior civil servants, other members serving the Government of India and also members of the Indian Armed Forces.

The parks and greenery here is what makes this a perfect location to hang out and have fun.

3. Kalindi Kunj

Kalindi Kunj, the green lungs of both Noida and South Delhi, is a unique and most treasured estate in the urban. Folks who frequently visit Kalindi Kunj Way are can easily spot the loveliness of this estate.

One of the main causes for Kalindi Kunj existence one of the well-known grounds in Delhi is that it houses a theme park as well.

4. Travel To Space at Nehru Planetarium

The Nehru Planetarium in Delhi is an idea of the First Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This planetarium had been unlocked to the community since 1977.

It is situated on the buildings of the Teen Murti House which was too the household of Pandit Nehru. The household is currently rehabilitated into a famous gallery.

From the period it was constructed, the structure has energetically industrialized into a technical study centre for numerous astral conferences and too lectures about numerous astronomical proceedings.

5. Relive History at Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Hauz Khas is a rich district in South Delhi, its heart being the ancient Hauz Khas Complex. Famous from the primitive times, the Hauz Khas community has astonishing structures constructed around the tank.

There are leftovers of Islamic building unevenly coloured by blemishes of city culture. It is centrally situated and proposals both country Hauz Khas Village and Urban Hauz Khas Enclave, Market environments.

The Hauz Khas, with its historical background, this place is also one of the best places for people to hangout in Delhi.

6. Light And Sound Show in Red Fort

Khajuraho The Red Fort is one of the UNESCO world Heritage site situated in Delhi. The Red Fort, in itself can attract a portion of visitor charm, the light and sound show organised here only complements the overall beauty of this place.

This show is a perfect combination of the visual animation and the artistic storytelling. This, the mixture of the skilled melodic aptitude with the depiction of the ancient proceedings through the description music is an unbelievable experience for each individual.

The tales are done in both English and Hindi. Throughout this entire account, the complete of the Red Fort is set alight with attractive illuminations, and expressive music. The story is flawlessly coordinated with the harmony. This is one of the finest and interesting habits to get more information about the ancient actions of this town.

7. Modern Art Gallery – Find The Artist In You

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) is the best art galleria under Government of India. The Art gallery has a huge collection of art. This place is a perfect place for the art nerds to hang out at. They can discuss the art as well as anything else and can also spend some quality time.

8. Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

Nizamuddin Dargah The Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi is a mausoleum of Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya, who was a Sufi Saint. The Dargah is located in the Nizamuddin west part of Delhi and daily a lot of tourists visit this place.

There is also an evening Gawwali here which is sessions of soulful devotional music. This Dargah was built long ago during the Mughal era and has been a famous tourists as well as hangout spot since then.

9. Dine In at Indian Habitat Centre

The Indian Habitat Centre is a convention centre that was developed by the authorities. This is a place which has seen the emergence of different activities and Ideas. It was initiated in the year 1993.

It was widely used by the public for luncheons, art exhibitions, gatherings, music festivals et cetera.

This place has seen several cultural activities too. This centre is also the place where people can sit and work our various ideas, designs et cetera. This is also another one of the locations where people can hang out, be it for work or for just relaxing.

10. India Gate – Enjoy A Relaxing Evening

The India Gate is sited in Rajpath in Delhi. It is one of the greatest and admired sites. This gate was constructed as a medium to wage the admiration to all the Indian Militaries who had boxed and lost their breath in the fight of First World War.

Over ninety thousands of soldiers’ names are imprinted in this. The memorial is constructed of sandstone. This testimonial is precisely at the middle of the maximum visited tourist destination in India.

11. Dilli Haat – Splurge On Handicrafts

Dilli Haat is a paid-entrance outside food plaza and craft bazaar situated in Delhi, It is situated in the profitable midpoints of South Delhi. Wide basis effort, small thatched top huts and kiosks provide the plaza a community atmosphere.

Products obtainable may comprise sandalwood and rosewood carvings, inflated camel pelt footwear, urbane cloth and curtains, beads, gems, metal crafts, brassware, and silk & wool cloths. This is a place which is one of the major hangout places in Delhi.

12. Akshardham Temple – Seek Prayers

Akshardham Akshardham, located in New Delhi is a spiritual campus and a Hindu Temple. It was built in the year 2005.

It is located on the bank of the Yamuna River and attracts more than 70 per cents of the tourists in Delhi to visit this place.

The place is beautiful for sightseeing, pilgrimage as well as exploring. The Akshardham Complex doesn’t only have a temple, there is also a theme garden, and a water show here.

The activities that one can perform here include watching a film on Swaminarayan’s life in IMAX and also take a very cultural boat ride.

Some of the very beautiful tourist attractions of this place include the central dome with the main deity, the theatre called Nilkanth Darshan, the Sahajanand Darshan or the Hall of Values, the musical fountain or the Yagnapurush Kund, and the Bharat Upavan. These features make this place one of the most beautiful places to hang out in Delhi.

13. Paranthe Wali Gali

Paranthe Wali GaliThe Paranthe Wali Gali is located in the Chandni Chowk Area in Delhi. This place can be considered a little heaven for those who call themselves foodies.

The place is always crowded because of all the people who visit this place to taste and splurge on the spicy food here. The name comes from the variety of paranthas that one can find here.

Apart from paranthas, this place is also famous for the various kinds of street food and sweets that are sold here. This is one of the best hangout places in Delhi for those people who love food and are always eager to taste different kinds of food.

The Paranthe Wali Gali is one of the best experiences in the capital city of India.

14. Connaught Place

connaught-placeConnaught Place has conveyed as much appeal and knowledge to the various lists of places to hang out in Delhi and its inhabitants. It is an ancient construction, a customer’s haven, a foodie’s pleasure, a nation buff’s target.

The certainty is, Connaught Place, which is also universally known as CP, bids countless exclusive experiences. The enormous spherical ivory white construction was constructed in 1929 by the British as a part of their plan to reposition the seat of supremacy to Delhi from Civil Lines.

The market here was originally named after the first Duke of Connaught. It was later that it was renamed after the Gandhis. Currently, this is the fourth most luxurious office target in the universe and the fifth maximum priced marketplace in the creation as per some consultancy companies.

15. Pragati Maidan

Pragati MaidanA place with 150 acres, Pragati Maidan is a significant magnetism in Delhi. Located in central Delhi, Pragati Maidan covers sixteen halls and exposed demonstration space of 10000 square meters.

Yearly, 70 exhibitions together International and National, exhibitions are lead in Pragati Maidan. Individuals can witness 30,00000 footfalls in the largest Trade Fair ever piloted in Pragati Maidan specifically, India International Trade Fair.

The Pragati Maidan is a ground which hosts a lot of event throughout the year and no matter when you visit this place, here is a high possibility for you to find one or other even going on here, making this a perfect place to hang out in.

16. Khan Chacha

Khan ChachaThe bequest of Khan Chacha is identical with the gastronomic countryside of the town of Delhi. Since five decade, Khan Chacha has drawn support of reliable Mughlai food devotees.

Khan Chacha nowadays has charted the conurbation of Delhi and about, rising by bounds and limits with the affection for its delicacies, enjoyed in an assorted atmosphere.

A milestone terminus on Delhi’s food chart, Khan Chacha has shaped its faithfulness and has developed a must-visit for masses, travellers, superstars and similar.

17. Garden Of Five Senses

Garden of Five SensesThe Garden of Five Senses is not only a park; it is a park with a diversity of doings, attractive public contact and examination.

The development, industrialized by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, was abstracted to response to the metropolis's need for liberty space for the community, for persons to entertain and relax.

Such spaces enhance atmosphere and lifetime to an urban and provide to all units of the civilization. The twenty-acre place, situated at Said-Ul-Azaib community, near to the Mehrauli inheritance area in New Delhi, is remarkable.

The Garden was installed in the month of February in the year 2003. Majestic rocks stance silhouetted in contradiction of the blue, others lie scattered upon the ground in an unplanned yet appealing show of nature's sculptural mastermind.

It was the ideal ground on which to understand the idea of a public freedom space that would wake a sensual reply and thus sensitivity to the setting. You can also explore other famous parks and gardens of Delhi for hangout in Delhi.

18. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Café in Delhi is spread across a large area of 7500 square feet. This roomy division of the global chain hosts live performances by native rock bands on Thursdays.

There are also some occasional visits from some international artists like the Hoobastank and the Poets of the Fall. All these artists have performed here in the past. As predictable, the centres have countless acoustics, there are tonnes of melody collectables on show, and the symbol trade clothing Rock Shop vends HRC branded stuff.

The menu deals American fare and a modicum of Indian snacks, but the tourist attractions are undeniably the Legendary 10 Oz. burger and margaritas.

19. Qutub Minar – Witness The Glory

Qutub Minar The Qutub Minar in Delhi is a tower of victory which is approximately 73 metres high and was built in the year 1193 by a ruler named Qutub-ud-din Aibak. The tower has five distinct storeys and each of these storeys have a projective balcony.

The first three storeys of this building are built by red sandstone and the rest of the two floors are built with white marble. The Qutub Minar is one of the famous tourist spots in Delhi and also a place to hang out to the people here.

This place also offers to the tourists a beautiful and historic backdrop while they hang out with their friends. The construction of this Minar is still shrouded in controversy. According to some people, it was built to mark a victory of the Muslin rule in India and the others believe that it was built to serve to the muezzins as a minaret so that they can pray faithfully.

20. National Rail Museum – Board The Toy Train

The National Rail Museum in Delhi is located in Chanakyapuri and remains open from 9:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening and it remains closed on Mondays.

The museum is extremely unique and has more than a hundred of real size exhibitions of the Indian Railways. There are also many medals, signalling equipment, historical photographs and also some antique furniture which are up for display in the museum.

21. Lodhi Gardens – Witness The Best Of Nature And History

Qutub Minar The Lodhi Gardens is another very famous place to hangout in Delhi. The people while here can dedicate their time to click some amazing pictures, observe and appreciate the architecture here, and have some new adventures.

Visiting this place is free and it remains open from 6 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon. The garden is also famous amongst the tourists.

There is an Old Water Tank here which only increases the beauty of this place. The Garden is also very closely situated to another place called the Khan market. There are also several local eating places here which make the Lodhi Garden one of the best places to hangout in Delhi.

22. Jantar Mantar

Qutub Minar The Jantar Mantar is a structure situated in the national capital. This construction is like a mystery, or more precisely, a maze.

The ranges are occupied with diverse instruments making it look like an open air laboratory. There are overall thirteen appliances. Even the partitions of the Jantar Mantar are intended for astral observations.

The entire construction is created in such a system that it is actually very easy for a guest to feel confused and lose their manner in the building. A quantity of money is charged for everybody who wants to arrive at this place. It is the puzzling construction of this edifice, for which it is called the Jantar Mantar.