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Why Visit Old and New Delhi ?

The Culturally Rich City

Delhi, as a city has witnessed the glorious rulers with passage of time. In fact, that is what makes the city of Delhi immensely rich and prosperous in terms of culture. Just a few years back, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan shifted his capital to the royal quarters of Delhi thus rendering it a magnificent Red Fort. Its monuments speak in volumes as far as its rich culture and tradition is concerned.

Royal Past culminates in Royal Present

Since Delhi is rich in cultural terms, it also affirms to one of the old adages, Unity in Diversity. Despite its rich variety, Delhi is nevertheless a melting pot. Being the capital of India, it is richer than imagined. With varied cities and breathtaking views, Delhi stands perfect harmony to tradition and modernity.

Temples to Bars, Everything’s for Everyone

Strange, but true! Delhi’s fascination grows with the fact that it offers glorious temples such as Akshardham, Hanuman Mandi, Laxmi Narayan Mandir to exquisite bars and discotheques. So, there’s everything for everyone. Nestled on the pristine banks of river Yamuna, Delhi has everything for everyone.

Shop till you Drop – it’s Delhi

You can buy scores of things for you loved ones once you are in Delhi. In fact, that is what makes Delhi, the capital of India all the more significant and worthwile. If you are a traveler, Delhi’s diversity will make you richer, even if you are shopping at odd hours or at odd places.

Magnificently Rich Experience Capital

If we were to summarize Delhi in one word, we can with confidence, it’s Magical. Constituting a fine blend of diversity, it offers exquisite travel experience for you. Delhi has always been, and will be, among the top tourist destinations of India, which stays there to enthrall even the keenest travelers of the world.

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