Janpath Market Delhi

Facts About Janpath Market

  • Open : 10:30 a.m. (Summers) 11: 30 a.m. (Winters)

  • Close: 09:00 – 09:30 p.m.

  • Entry Fees: Nil

  • Nearest Metro Station : Connaught Place Metro Station

  • One can reach: By Auto rickshaw and local cabs

  • Best Buy: Kashmiri Stuff, Shimmering Rajasthani Mirrorwork, Miniature Paintings, warm woollen shawls and stolls, Tibetan Bric – a brac and Brass Oms’.

  • Nearby Hotels: Hotel Palace Heights, Imperial Hotel and Hotel Palace Heights

  • Travellers’ advice: Beware of touts and buy directly from the shops. Shop here for beautiful children’s clothes and beautiful home-wares! If you are reaching here by auto-rickshaw or cab, get a pre – paid one or go by meter. There is no dreath of food here, so there is nothing to worry. Connaught Place is just a walking distance. Even by auto it’s not more than 10 minutes even in high traffic day!

Get More Details About Janpath Market

Why Janpath Market is considered one of the most influential local markets of Delhi lies in the fact that it’s a Historical Market. Made during the British Architect Luytens; it was then called Queens Way. It was only in early 90’s that the name Janpath Market was given to it!

Basically it is a fun – frolic market which sees hundreds of foreign tourists every day. In fact, the number of foreigners visiting this market is much more than Indians. Beginning as Radial Road 1 in Connaught Place, just adjacent to Palika Bazar; it was one of important locations in Edwin Luyten’s design. One can see long serie of boutique stores lined up selling original products of various Indian States – difficult to find in shopping malls of Delhi!( Of course the price of these products is as compared to the fine work and originality they represent! ). And this is the reason why locals often call it the “Boutique Market”.

What is mostly sold here and what is worth buying is original Kashmiri stuff like Pashmina Shawls, woollen scarfs, hand vowen kurtis and suit sets, churidars, brass artefacts, carpets, wooden stationery items, Chinese lamps, Puppets, mojris or jootis, rajasthani original lac jewelery and so on.

Other stuff include ethnic dresses, embellished linen, decorative items, Rajasthani colour paintings, blue pottery, cotton garments, Indian artifacts and carpets, leather footwear including jootis and Kohlapuri as well as local daily wear dresses like T – shirts and Indian leggings!

In Janpath Market, 2 kinds of shops are there – one which hold the tag of FIXED PRICE and one who believe in BARGAINING. Fixed price shops generally stick cards on the entrance of the shop on inside it and are generally reluctant to bargain; so there is no point of wasting time with them! If you really wish to bargain,go for the non – tagged ones!

Just cross the road and you will find a number of good eateries. Some of the best Indian and International food brands make their space there. Names include – Haldiram, Bikaner, Sarvana Bhavan, Mc Donalds, KFC, Subway, Coffee Café Day and so on. Money Gram and WESTERN Union too are there for foreign exchange.

If you really wish to shop in Janpath, spend time here. Look out for the things which are being sold, explore some shops and then only buy something. This is the best way to get the best deal as well to buy the best possible stuff!