About Udaipur

Udaipur, this is the magic land of marble and mosaic. Blessed with Lake Pichola, this area bordered by rugged Aravalli Hills is an important tourist destination in Rajasthan. This is a beautiful and lush region amidst the desert arenas of Rajasthan. Tagged as the Land of Lakes, this region has beautiful architectural marvels to match with the fruit of nature. The city’s charm lies in the waters, as the name indicates.

Romantic boat ride, staying in the middle of the lake or enjoying a picnic or dinner as you gaze into the water; no matter how you want to incorporate the lakes into your vacation, Udaipur is there to create a serene vacation for you. Starting from palaces to ancient bazaars, this lively region has endless attractions for sightseeing, romantic activities to try, unique cuisine to taste and exotic souvenirs to buy.

How did this region manage to develop into a charming gem? The structures and the roads were planned by the royals of Mewar to create a beautiful city for the kingdom. This does not end the history of Udaipur. The birth of Udaipur is linked with a blessing of a hermit to the strategic location to resist Mughal’s armored horses to climb and attack; altogether, the land is filled with anecdotes and interesting historic elements around every corner.

Are you interested in enjoying this city through all senses? Do not blindly jump into Udaipur and end up messing your perfect vacation. Learn more about the city in terms of when to visit, why to visit, where to go, how to reach and so on. Understand the climatic condition, types of accommodations and other amenities inside and around the city. This page is the dictionary for your Udaipur vacation.

Are you ready to feast your eyes and souls? Udaipur should be your first destination in India.

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