Pushkar Village Life

Pushkar Village Life : Tour information

As the town Pushkar is rich, so its village life. You can always interact with the villagers of Pushkar as they interact with each other on traditional lines. Now that is something, which is significant and worthwhile. You watch them in their entirety and will be happy to note their suave nature and high hospitality standards.

The streets in Pushkar are usually narrow and that is what makes them ever more glowing and fine. With exquisite shops, hotels, homes and temples, Pushkar is one of the best places to enjoy. Pushkar gives you an opportunity to enjoy the homes, which are usually built large with a verandah making them ever more convincing.

Witnessing the attire of Pushkar people is magnificent. Usually comprising of traditional Rajasthani style, both men and women wear traditional dresses, which is simply magnificent. When it comes to the men folk, you can always enjoy them wearing colorful headgears. Woman on the other hand wears veils and skirts. You can also enjoy metallic jewelry, which forms an inevitable part of the women's costume.

  • Immerse in authentic village culture

  • Enjoy their high hospitality standards

  • Watch simple and suave attire of Pushkar people

  • Enjoy exquisite jewelry worn by the women

  • Enjoy large and spacious courtyards in Pushkar villages

  • Immerse in its charismatic culture and vibrant people

Indeed, being in Pushkar is to enjoy traditional lifestyle. People still follow this rare combination of modernity merging well amidst the traditionalism and that makes the Pushkar all the more significant and worthwhile from tourists point of view.

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