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About Pushkar & Pushkar Fact

Pushkar is a holy place. And the concept of holy place in India means that it homes numerous temples. Without a tad of doubt, the town of Pushkar is considered to be sacred as it homes nearly 500 temples. The beauty of Pushkar enhances with the fact that these temples encircle the lake.

Brahma Temple

One of the most revered places in Pushkar, this shrine in Pushkar is the only temple in its vicinities that is devoted to the Lord Brahma. As the Lord Brahma is recognized as the creator of the universe, the significance of this temple enhances manifold as a result. As we go by the legends, Brahma performed a Yagna here.

Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple, as the name itself suggests, is dedicated to the Goddess Savitri. As the Goddess Savitri is one of Brahma's wives, the worth of the temple increases as the Goddess is revered in Hindu religion. The other fascinating part of this temple is that it is located on the highest hill above the Pushkar town. So, for reaching the temple, you need to climb a long series of steps to offer prayers. A panoramic view of the Pushkar Lake along with majestic sand dunes makes it look beautiful and noteworthy.

Varah Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Varah Temple is yet another fascinating temple in Pushkar. Representing one of the prominent Hindu Trinity of Gods, this temple is also one of the beautiful temples in India. As the legendary story goes, the Lord Vishnu came to earth in order to kill the demon Hirnayaksh accused of stealing the Vedas. Lord Vishnu took the shape of Varah (wild boar) and killed the demon thus bestowing liberation to the world from his atrocities.

Mahadeva Temple

If you are on a lookout for that immaculate temple with elegance of its structure and exquisite architecture, Mahadeva Temple fits the bill in an apt manner. One of the most beautiful temples, built in the 19th century, it is recognized for its sheer magnificence and beauty. The noteworthy white marble Mahadeva image also makes it further graceful and much sought after.

Ramavaikunth Temple

Yet another graceful temple, Pushkar's largest and most intricate one is Ramavaikunth Temple. As it is built in the 1920's, it carries one of the most beautifully sculpted images. What’s more, as it homes nearly 361 different deities, its significance enhances with the passage of time. Right from the entrance, the beauty of this temple speaks in volumes.

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