Pushkar Special Attractions

Pushkar Special Attractions : Tour Information

Pushkar has many incredible spots to offer. The picturesque lake of Pushkar is simply captivating. As it is surrounded by a lake on three sides and sand dunes on the fourth, it looks simply great.

Pushkar forms a fascinating location and enthralls at every step. Offering magnificent and breathtaking views, it is simply marvelous.

What’s more, with the annual religious and cattle fair, Pushkar’s beauty becomes unbeatable.

Turbaned heads of men and colorful veils and skirts, everything makes it magnificent being in Pushkar. In fact, everything comes to life in Pushkar. With an arid desertscape, the beauty becomes immaculate.

Pushkar is sacred – no doubts about it – which makes it, fall in the category of most revered spiritual places in India.

In addition, 52 Puhskar ghats bind the lake and make it ever more beautiful. One can watch thousands of devotees taking a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake and sadhus descend from the Himalayas to participate.

With its magnificent rural bazaar, everything becomes joyous and captivating. Mass trading of camels is yet another thing to enjoy. Camel-traders and villagers make the place ever more worthwhile and significant.

Thousands of camels are traded thus making it a gala event. With world's largest camel fair, Pushkar is revered by the travelers from around the world.

Then there are many temples, which make Pushkar all the more superior and presentable. Brahma Temple, Varaha Temple, etc. are to name a few.

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