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As Puskhkar is a small town, living in its vicinities is simply amazing. Travelling to Pushkar is simply going for that amazing touch. You can always watch the tremendous potential, which Pushkar holds under its ambit. Although, the society of Pushkar is mainly traditional, yet the Pushkar lifestyle can be called as a moderate mix. In fact, there is no dearth of traditional and cosmopolitan culture, blending finely in its vicinities.

  • You can always watch simple and suave people

  • Interact with high hospitable standards

  • Get something of significant value in terms of tourism

  • Watch fine blending of traditional and modern values

  • Puskhkar lifestyle is simple, yet highly religious

  • You can watch loads of people shopping

  • Pushkar is also suffused with music and dance

In fact, lifestyle of any place largely depends on the weather of a place. Since Pushkar gets extreme in summers and the temperature soars up it cools down during the winters. So, the temperature rises up to 40 degrees, it comes down to 8oC in the winters.

What’s more, if you love to enjoy the lifestyle of Pushkar, you can do so during the Pushkar fair. As people come out to shop around, you earn an opportunity to enjoy loads of bazaars, music, sports and auction stalls. One of the most important parts of Pushkar is its camel trading. Indeed, it is one of the prominent events to watch.

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