Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake : Tour information

Pushkar Lake is one of the fascinating feasts in Pushkar. Surrounded by hills on three sides and desert on the other side, the beauty of Pushkar is simply immaculate.

  • Visit the snake mountain and the cave of Saint “Agasthya”

  • Unearth Indian values and magnificent tradition in Pushkar

  • Stroll the lakeside and immerse in its beauty with your beloved

  • Pushkar Lake is one of the sacred places in vicinities of Pushkar

  • Take a dip on Kartika Poornima, equivalent to performing yagnas for several hundred years

  • Pushkar Lake is charming with 52 bathing ghats

  • According to legends, the waters has some special powers

Pushkar Lake also gives you an opportunity to witness the cave of Saint "Agasthya". As goes the belief, there is a belief that "Kalidasa", the great Indian poet, opted for Pushkar as far as his Sanskrit drama is concerned, "Shakuntalam". As the legend goes, Pushkar Lake was formed in the very moment when Lord Brahma wished to perform a "yagna" here.

The Epic Story

As the Lord Brahma Temple can be seen here, it gives a lot of satisfaction when scores of devotees throng from all over the country. And to witness these people, performing rituals, people come from all over the world.

The pious Pushkar Lake, believed to be in existence originated from the falling of lotus from the hand of Lord Brahma. Pushkar Lake is recognized as one of the most sacred spots in India. In fact, it gives prominence to the Indian spiritualism.

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