Pushkar Ghats

Pushkar Ghats : Tour information

As the town of Pushkar is sacred, there are ample of ghats, which enhance the beauty of this holy city. What makes this town all the more significant and worthwhile is the holding of religious ceremonies in its vicinities!

You can always enjoy loads of sights in Pushkar and its ghats make things ever more worthwhile and significant. As loads of pilgrims participate in religious ceremonies on the Pushkar ghats, things become worth enjoying for the travelers, coming from all over the world.

Captivating sights in Pushkar make your Pushkar Travel worth enjoying

  • Watch scores of camels being traded

  • Pushkar Fair enhances the beauty of Pushkar Ghats

  • Unearth Hindu way of life in the vicinities of Pushkar

  • Immerse in Carnival like Atmosphere

  • Watch giggling Rajput women in their rich traditional attire

Pushkar Ghats are simply magnificent places to reckon with. In fact, their aura is one of the most fascinating sights in Pushkar. Be it night at the fairground or anything for that matter, Pushkar ghats are just like enjoying a carnival atmosphere.

Whatever you witness in the vicinities of Pushkar, from the ferries wheel to line-ups of giggling Rajput women, Puskhar gives you amazing sights.

That is the reason why it attracts a wide variety of travelers from around the world.

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