Pushkar Fair - Get Enthralled Genuinely

Pushkar Fair - Get Enthralled Genuinely

Come Kartik, each year, and Pushkar in Rajasthan becomes simply magnificently colorful and vibrant. Being in Pushkar Fair is to experience one of the largest cattle festivals in Asia.

Delightful treat including a number of camels, cows, horses, mules, goats and sheep can be witnessed on the say and enhance the beauty of the place. Participating in the Pushkar Festival is never going to disappoint you at any stage.

Pushkar Fair is a seven-day festival, which is dedicated absolutely to animals as it is traditional to respect the animals.

  • Enjoy the largest cattle festival in Asia

  • Scores of animals come for that delightful treat

  • Bright turbaned men make this festival great

  • Women with pleated ghagras make things more beautiful

  • Go on a shopping spree in Pushkar

  • Get enthralled by genuine celebrations

The first five days of the festival in Rajasthan are simply amazing. You can always enjoy selling and purchase of the cattle.

Pushkar Fair is one of the best times to enjoy. As the women folk go on a shopping spree, the scene becomes enthralling. With so many stalls of trinkets, chains, silver ornaments, toe rings, nose rings, necklaces, waistbands, anklets, hairpins and the ivory bangles in the bazaar, everything becomes magnificent and irresistible. Everything takes place in the first five days.

The last two days of the fair are reserved for fun and frolic. Various events mark the ceremony. Witnessing Camel Races, Musical Chairs for Camels, Camel Beauty Contest and Laadoo Oonth are events never to be missed and enjoyed forever.

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