Fun and Frolic in Pushkar

Fun and Frolic in Pushkar : Tour information

There is no dearth of fun and frolic in Pushkar. With passage of time, the tempo of business goes down, time comes to enjoy the merriment. If on the one hand, there are camel sports, on the other hand there are delightful treats for the eyes.

Camel races are something, which constitute one of the dearest events in Pushkar. Although, camels may seem as lumbering beasts, when decorated in finery, they become unimaginably beautiful.

Music chairs also make things better and beautiful. As the music stops, the camel is supposed to manage to stick its long arching neck and that is where it looks beautiful and captivating.

Trying for the first place makes the contest all the more splendid and mesmerizing. Right from the gait of the camel to the choice of its equipment and ornament, everything becomes captivating and magnificent.

One of the thrilling camel events is 'laadoo oonth'. In wake of this event, we make sure that how much weight the camel can carry. Well, witnessing this event is simply glorious.

In Pushkar, it is not an uncommon sight to witness the human cargo come crashing down the moment when a camel tries to get to its feet.

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