Orchha Tours

Orchha is very well known for its extensively carved out Chattris which can be seen 5 kms before even reaching the place! Surrounded by blue azure colour of the small river that flows by and the sky which seem to touch the chattris, Orchha is definitely the next best place of Central India to be in! This beautiful little town filled with stories of love and romance was built by Bundela Rajput king Rudra Pratap. The enchanting town of Orchha, is nestled on the banks of Betwa and is divided into seven channels, locally known as Satdhara in the honour of seven Chiefs of the town. With grand palaces and cenopaths with amazing architecturel; this place is a amazing and learning experience for those who visit this place.

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Why Visit Orchha

This place has many historical buildings. Beginning with Ram Raja Temple where till date Hindu diety Lord Rama is worshipped as both God and King. With thousands of devotees coming here each year, the Lord even gets GUN SALUTE here in the queens’ palace which was converted into Ram Raja Palace. Just adjacent to Ram Raja Temple stand two ages old Sawan Bhado, the incredible air coolers of Orchha. Made as per the lines of Persian cooling system, the water from underground reserviour which was connected to fountain in the pavillion from where it rained the roof of the retreat thus keeping the entire place cool in the summers. Then there is Laxmi Narayan temple which is a perfect example of a fort and a temple with walls filled with extensively decorated mural paintings based on mythological stories.