Delhi Weather

Delhi is fit for those who enjoy versatile weather. Although, it is situated on the banks of river Yamuna, you are always at liberty to enjoy a wide variety of weather. The most interesting part of Northern India weather is that it gives a plethora of weather options to the tourists.

Delhi was once a part of the Aravalis, which makes it significant and worthwhile. It carries the Ridge area making it equipped with greenery. You can enjoy bone chilling winters as well, as it enjoys proximity to the Himalayas in the North.

Summers in Delhi

Summer in delhi are hot in extreme. As the city of Delhi is far from the sea areas, it renders it a continental climate. During summers, the temperatures hovers around 45 degrees. That is what makes it all the more significant and worthwhile. Interestingly, winters in Delhi are severely cold. Temperature dips down to 4 degrees during the times.

Best Time to Visit

It is better to visit Delhi during the spring seasons stretching from February to April and August to November. If you are planning to come to Delhi in February to March, you will witness its beauty more than ever. In fact, this is the season when you can enjoy lush green environs as well.