Bhutan is a tiny country situated at the end of the Himalayas in South Asia and is surrounded by many countries. Hence, is called a landlocked country. It shares its border with China to its north and with India to its south, east & west.

It has a rich cultural diversity that draws tourists from all over the world. Therefore, measures are taken for the promotion and preservation of its distinctive culture. The traditional art and crafts of this country holds a major role in its cultural heritage. There are 13 such traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. It has more than nineteen dialects spoken within the country and its national language is Dzongkha.

It is considered as the last biodiversity hotspots of the world, 72% of the country is covered with forest. It has exotic flora and fauna due to its excellent climate and conservation. It has three climatic zones- Alpine Zone (with no forest cover), Temperate Zone (with conifer or broadleaf forests) and Subtropical Zone (with Tropical or Subtropical vegetation).

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