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Sariska National Park

Just 21 miles of Alwar, on the Jaipur highway, the famous Sariska offering Tiger Reserve graces your India tours. As Sariska is one of the few remaining pockets of forest in the Aravalli range of hills, you can always enjoy unprecedented fun and joy in its vicinities.

Sariska - The Tiger Land

Sariska is the tiger land of Rajasthan, as it is popularly known. Brought under the Project tiger in 1979, it is one of the prime tiger countries in India. The forest is typical dry deciduous, dramatically changing with the change in season.

Many Prominent Species in Park

You can always get more in the vicinities of Sariska National Park. The terrain offers undulating plateau lands and wide valleys. Apart from tigers, you can enjoy numerous other animals such as herbivores, spotted deer, sambars, blue bulls, etc.

  • Nice setting for other animals other than Tigers

  • Great going for those who wish to witness exquisite wildlife

  • Numerous species, which are considered best from wildlife point of view


Tiger Reserve Project

In the pre-independence period, the forests within the Reserve were a part of the erstwhile Alwar State. This is where hunting was preserved for the royalty. After India gained independence, they were first notified as a reserve. Now hunting and shooting was turned unlawful. People cannot net, trap, snare, capture, or kill any kind of wild animals after the law forced in the year 1955.


Sariska TIger Reserve

It was in the year 1982, the primary notification was declared as a part of the core of National Park, which was issued in 1982. Final notification is pending in view of need of relocation of few villages from the Park.

Did You Know ?

Today’s Sariska Tiger Reserve was a hunting ground of the then Maharajas before 1955

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