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Top Things to Do in Agra in a Day

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Many people misunderstand Agra as a place of Taj Mahal alone. There are a lot of attractions here and a lot more to do. Agra is not a one-day stop on your way to Delhi. It is a whole new tourist place. Here are the top things to do in Agra.

Taj Mahal viewing

Visiting Taj Mahal is the most important activity in this city. Try visiting the monument during sunrise or sunset to get the glimpse of monument slowly changing shades as the sky changes. Visit the museum inside Taj Mahal and see the vessel that changes colour when poison is added to it. There are a lot of other attractions in the museum like the original penned blueprint of Taj Mahal, jewels and other items.

Taj Mahal

Agra styled delicacies

The top delicacies to enjoy in Agra are banana lassi, jayfelles (toasted sandwich), malai kofta and others. There are a lot of restaurants where you can enjoy these. Agra cuisine is not very different than Delhi cuisine. But, the above mentioned items taste better in Agra than any other north Indian city.

Agra cuisine

Exploring Agra Fort

Agra Fort is a red sandstone fort that was built by Shah Jahan. It was started by Akbar. There are a lot of interesting rooms, mosques, throne room and others in this fort. The most important attractions are the room of mirrors, the bathing bowl, pearl mosque, gem mosque, peacock throne and many others. It is an interesting fort with many historic inference and elements.

Agra fort

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View Taj Mahal from Park

Mehtab Bagh was initially a small garden. Due to floods in Yamuna River, this park became a patch of sand. To avoid damages to Taj, this park was rebuilt by Shah Jahan. Today, it stands as a mesmerizing park. If you stand near the fountain near entrance gate, you can get a great view of the monument with beautiful backdrop. see more

Mehtab Bagh

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This is also called as Baby Taj. It was built by Jehangir which is very similar to Taj Mahal. It is very famous for marble lattice screen. Most of the inlay works are damaged due to environmental factors. Visit this famous monument before it goes out of its beauty. You can also watch the river from this monument. This is the first monument to be built on the river bank of Yamuna.



This is a fort that was built as the resting place for Akbar. It is located a little away from Agra. Though it is an attractive monument, the most important element of this place is the garden. There are a lot of animals in this garden including deer, monkey, peacock and others. The appearance might be similar to Agra fort, but the calligraphy works in this fort are mind blowing and unique.


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Fatehput Sikri

This was a capital city that was built for Agra. Due to lack of water, this city was abandoned and the city is still empty. You can find a lot of forts and mahals here. You can hire an electronic guide here to learn more about this city.

Fatehpur sikri

There are a lot of attractions in this city. Do not stop with just Taj Mahal. Take your time and enjoy all attractions here.


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