Best Places to Enjoy Safaris in Rajasthan

Ranthambore National Park is not the only wildlife safari attraction in the vast state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the home for many rich natural reserves, which are filled with different exotic species of flora and fauna. Each national park provide unique attractions based on the accessibility and other elements of the park. If you are looking for an appealing wildlife vacation with safari enjoy in Rajasthan, you ought to visit during the peak season and choose the right activity in each park.

Out of all the activities inside a national park, safari is an important attraction. Riding on the back of an animal or in a special vehicle, you will be taken on a trip deep into the forest to watch the animals in close quarters. Spotting rare animals during a safari has a very less probability. However, people take these safaris for enjoying an exotic time. The best part of the state is that many of the unique safaris that are available in Rajasthan are not found elsewhere in the country.

We are presenting you will the list of all available safaris and the best places to enjoy these wildlife safaris.

Elephant Safaris

elephant safari

If you are looking for a unique style of safari that attracts both young and old alike, elephant safari is the best part. Parks allow only two tourists to ride on an elephant making it more romantic for honeymoon couples. Although elephants are herbivorous, most of the carnivorous animals are afraid of elephants because of its massive looks. Thus, on an elephant’s back, you would be safe to watch the carnivorous animals (especially tigers) from close quarters.

If you are planning to enjoy elephant safaris, the best time to visit is between October and March.

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Places to enjoy Elephant safari

Top wildlife regions that allow elephant safaris are Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park and Keoladeo national park. Apart from national reserves, elephant rides are available at Amber fort, Pushkar and other important destinations.

Camel safaris


Rajasthan is one of the very few destinations where you can spot or ride a camel in India. Thanks to the geographical location of the state, camels are more commonly used for safari in Rajasthan.

Place to enjoy Camel Safari

Although camel desert safaris are common in Jaisalmer and Pushkar, the places to enjoy camel wildlife safari is very rare and only at Desert National Park of Rajasthan. This lesser known park is located close to Jaisalmer.

This desert park stands as the home for Indian Bustard, desert fox, Eurasian owl, red-backed shrike and others. The camel safari and the camel cart ride allow you to trail through the desert on a 4-km circuit to spot the rare bird and other animals. Apart from Rajasthan, camel safari is found only in Ladakh in India.

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Jeep safaris

jeep safari in Ranthambore

This is the most common safari allowed in almost all parks. Tourists rent either government jeeps or their own vehicles to penetrate the forest into regions that cannot be scaled on an elephant or camel. The best part of jeep safari is that it can travel through all terrains and with the speed of a jeep motor; you would be as safe as possible while wishing to watch a carnivorous at close quarters.

Places to enjoy Jeep Safari

Top national parks that allow jeep safari are Ranthambore national park, Desert National park, Sariska National park, Keoladeo Ghana bird sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary, Darrah sanctuary and others.

Remember that small mammals and very timid animals cannot be spotted on a jeep safari. Some parks allow visitors to bring their vehicles for a safari while, most of the parks prefer you to hire official vehicles along with a tour guide.

Canter Safaris

canter safari

Canter is very similar to a jeep ride except that the vehicle is a covered bus, which seats 20-25 people. It is usually chosen by tourists who visit national park in large groups or,by those who are ready to enjoy safari with strangers.

Places to enjoy Canter Safari

Top parks that allow canter safari are Ranthambore National Park, Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary, Sariska Tiger Reserve and many others. Almost all parks that allow jeep safari, allows canters too.

Cycle Rickshaw Safaris

Cycle Rickshaw Safaris

Small parks offer cycle rickshaw safari to scale small distances. If you are planning to spot animals or birds that flight even at the slightest sound, it is impossible to spot them while on a noisy jeep or canter. Rickshaw safari is more common with those who love bird watching.

Places to enjoy Cycle Rickshaw Safari

Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary allows cycle rickshaw safari during tourism season. Birdwatching on a rickshaw is much better than a guided tour. Although illiterate, the rickshaw pullers know far more details about the park and the birds than most of the guides. You can scale the place at your own pace and stop wherever you want to take perfectly timed pictures.

Bicycle Safaris

Are you a health freak? Do you want to enjoy an adventure activity? You can hire cycle and scale the park via cycle routes. This allows you to scale the place in your pace and enjoy small animals that you might miss during a vehicle safari.

Places to enjoy Cycle Safari

Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary is the only park in Rajasthan that allows Bicycle safari. This is the best way to scale the place without scaring the birds. On a cycle, you can only scale the park in a pre-defined circuit on which, spotting rare birds is very common in the park. Cycling is one of the adventure activities of Ladakh.

Boat Safaris

If the park holds a lush water body, there are many chances that the park provide boat safari for tourists to enjoy avi fauna, fishes, crocodiles and occasional animals that come to the water banks to quench thirst. Private Boat Ride at Lake Pichola in Udaipur  which the most beautiful artificial lake in Udaipur is a must to do things in Rajasthan by every travellers.

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Places to enjoy Boat Safari

Keoladeo Ghana Bird sanctuary and National Chambal Gharial wildlife sanctuary allows boat safaris. Boat safaris are not provided throughout the year. Winter and early summer are the best time to visit the parks for boat safari. Although the chances of spotting a mammal near water bodies is very high during peak summer season, it is not guaranteed. Boat safari is also the best way to spot reptiles and birds.

Horse Safaris

horse safari

Horse safari is a unique safari to enjoy in Rajasthan. People love scaling the Aravalli mountain regions on the back of the horse. Some take up city tours, rural village circuit routes and others on a horse. Are you looking for some wildlife attractions? A few national parks in the state allow horse safari during tourism season.

Places to enjoy Horse Safari

You can enjoy horse safari at Kumbhalgarh Wildlife sanctuary and Desert national park.

It is best to pre-book safaris via online or manually. During tourism season, the demand for the vehicles and guides will be very high. Safaris are allowed only for certain duration every day and there are many chances that you might not be able to get on a safari if you do not pre-book.

Once on the safari, it is important to understand and follow all the rules and conditions. To be serious, you will be close to many carnivorous animals that are capable of feasting on a fully-grown man like lion, tiger, leopard and many others. Littering the park or causing damage to animals or properties can lead to legal consequences.

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