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10 places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

Madurai Tamil Nadu
Written by Manish Yadav

The Tamil speaking state Tamil Nadu is also known as the land of temples as one can see the exceptional beauty of the ancient Indian art and Dravidian architecture. Not just temples, but one can see the natural attractions along with various other wonders that are worth of offering a great holiday experience.

Madurai: A world famous destination located in Tamil Nadu is Madurai and this city is even nicknamed as the temple city. The oldest temple stand with pride and the gopuram of this particular temple along with the shrine of the Meenakshi Amman is a special attraction. The wedding ceremony of Meenakshi Amman and Sundareswarar is not just opulent but a must visit occasion when the whole region turns much more vibrant.



A spectacular destination of Tamil Nadu is Kanyakumari and this is one magnificent destination of India. Located on the southernmost tip of India this place owes a beach, temple and a statue that grabs the attention of people. Temples of Kalabhairava, Kanyakumari Devi and Baalambika are worth of witnessing.

Chidambaram: The city with a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva who is known as Nataraj in the place. The ancient temple hosts several festivals which are much eye popping and witnessing the ceremonies is an unusual experience massage san jose.

Mudumalai wildlife Sanctuary: Located in Tamil Nadu this sanctuary is a part of the Nilgiri Hills and people can locate several wild animals in the natural habitats. This is one beautiful place of Tamil Nadu as along with the wildlife one can see the enchanting nature.



One beautiful city with a temple dedicated to Ranganatha Swamy is Srirangam and this is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. This temple is one of the major pilgrimage destinations of people who worship lord Vishnu and the place turns more colorful during festivals.

Kodaikanal: The most romantic destination of Tamil Nadu Kodaikanal garbs the attention of thousands of travelers who love to drown in the beauty of the nature. The Kodaikanal Lake along with the Green Valley View are the majestic to look travelers must see the Shembaganur Museum, Silver Cascade and Berijam Lake.

Velankanni: This is one alluring destination which has a great significance because of the church in the region. This is one heritage city and the shrine is popular as the Our Lady of Good Health and thousands of tourists visit the shrine every year.

Kanchi: One place every Hind dream to visit at least once in a lifetime is the Kanchipuram is also known as Kanchi. This region is famous for silk saris which made this city world famous. Kamakshi temple along with all pother wonders make this place special not just a major place for Hindus, but this place is related to Buddhism and Jainism.



The ancient town is a UNESCO site and it became popular due to the monuments which reveal the art and architecture of the Tamil rulers. Each and every part of the region is worth of visiting and travelers have a good time seeing the beauty of sculptures.

Chennai: Finally the capital of Tamil Nadu welcomes people to enjoy evenings in the beaches and even taste the mouthwatering Tamil cuisine. Travels who visit Chennai should taste the Pongal and Sambar the major part of the lip smacking cuisine seo san jose.

Whether you like to see the mesmerizing natural ambience or the architectural splendors of historic rulers of south India the only place is to plan a vacation to Tamil Nadu as the state is a perfect blend of beach, sand, monuments and hill stations which are extremely essential to have a relaxed holiday.

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    You can add Pollachi, Coimbatore district into the list.

    Pollachi is one of the best relaxation places for metropolitan city people and more than thousands of movies have taken since many decades. because of sightseeing and the climate.

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